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At The Natural Studio we strive to create community. When you workout in a group you’re proven to work hard and take less breaks. Our classes consist of Strength Training, Flexibility (gentle yoga), Total Body Circuits, High Intensity, & Butts and Guts. There is a fair mix for everyone and at different times of the day.

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The group classes are 30 minutes long with some classes scheduled back to back for a longer workout and flexible schedule. The schedule consists of 8am classes, 5:30pm classes, & 6pm classes with pop up Boot Camps. Join us today!


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$20/per class




Trust the process. Eat clean, trust yourself, make good choices, be patient with yourself and work hard.

“I absolutely love training with Kori. I first started 3 months before the Gold Nugget Triathlon this past year and she guided me through all the training and nerves. I picked back up when I started my first year of teaching for much needed self care, also my wedding in June, but mostly self care to survive teaching.”

— M.A.

When I lost all of my excuses I found myself.

“Kori is a phenomenal trainer and an outstanding person. She is extremely knowledgeable and helpful! Her new gym space is awesome! I would recommend that everyone train with her!”

— M.E.

Surround yourself with people who have the same goal.

“ Kori not only holds me accountable, she celebrates my accomplishments, pushes me harder, and provides support on really tough days. As for logistics, scheduling with her easy and she tailors workouts to my knee problems. I absolutley recomend her to anyone looking for a trainer! Thank you Kori!”

— S.L.




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